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Mommy Make-Overs have become extremely popular and are frequent procedures performed by Dr. Ghafoori. 

Most commonly, a Mommy Make-Over involves a tummy tuck to restore the abdominal contour, as well as a breast augmentation to restore the lost volume, especially  the upper pole, of the breast.  When combining a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, Dr. Ghafoori may be able to place the implants through your tummy tuck, eliminating a breast scar.

Also commonly performed during a Mommy Make-Over is the addition of liposuction along the bra line and/or back of the hip "muffin top" -- with a or without a Brazilian Butt Lift for further improvement of the buttock contour.  For many, a breast lift may also be necessary.  Less commonly, a brachialplasty or thigh lift may be needed.  Skin care and needling to help with stretch marks is another option.