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Arm Lift & Thigh Lift

Arm Lift, or Brachioplasty, addresses the loose, hanging skin of the upper arm by directly removing the excess skin.  Liposuction may also be performed in conjunction with the brachialplasty to further contour the arm.  In addition and depending on the location and degree of the loose skin, additional removal of the axillary skin and/or the skin along the side of the chest wall may be necessary.  In certain cases, a "mini" lift may be performed in which the scar is placed only in the axilla, remaining better hidden.

The inner thighs skin is similar to the skin of the upper-inner arm, and is also prone to laxity and excess requiring an inner thigh lift.  As with an arm lift, liposuction may be performed in conjunction with the excision surgery for further contouring.  Also as with an arm lift, depending on the location and degree of the loose skin, the scar may be hidden within the inner groin area, or it may need to run down the inside of the upper thigh.