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Making an Appointment

Making an Appointment

We certainly are looking forward to meeting you and discussing your surgical treatment options!

For most surgical procedures, your consultation process will get started by watching a very detailed video, done by Dr. Ghafoori herself, describing your surgical procedure of interest, the results you might be able to expect as well as the limitations of the surgery, how the procedure is done, possible risks of the surgery, as well as the expected recovery.  There is no charge to see the video, no appointment is necessary, and You can come at your convenience!!! 

Please be advised that Dr. Ghafoori has a NO children policy.

After seeing video, your next step is to set up a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ghafoori to review your desires and expectations and to discuss your surgical options.  Our office manager will be delighted to give you price estimates over the phone -- once you have had your evaluation by Dr. Ghafoori, our office manager will be able to provide you with your final pricing.

Please call our office at (956) 428-1700 in Harlingen or (956) 928-1993 in Edinburg for further information.